Linky Linky: Post-Carnival Edition

So you have consumed everything you can handle at the April Biblical Studies Carnival, and are hungry for more linkage (proven effective for End-of-term Grading Procrastination, or “EGP”)?

First, languages and higher education:

  • Do you have a passing interest in Proto-Indo-European? See why some people want to revive this reconstructed language into living use. (The post includes some words on wholly constructed languages like Esperanto and on revived languages like Hebrew.)
  • Many educators, including me, are interested in what happens when you read this article and substitute “higher education” for “newspaper publishing,” “universities” for “printing presses,” and so on. What will preserve educational institutions? The provocative answer: “Nothing will. But everything might.”

Then, the academic social web:

  • There are someplaceswhere you can search Twitter profiles to find people in your field (like “Hebrew Bible” or “Bible AND instructor”) or in your geographic area (like “Evanston, IL”).
  • The academic networking site Academia dot edu continues to come together. Have a look if you haven’t already. You can also follow Academia dot edu on Twitter.

And speaking of collegiality:

  • The Biblioblog April Top 50 post is out, and the main post lists many additions whom you may not already know. Call it “Biblical Studies Carnival 41.5” and have fun.

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