Carnivalia: Coming Up, and Around the Bend

Time is almost up to suggest entries for the May 2009 Biblical Studies Carnival, to be hosted at Ketuvim. See the carnival’s home page to learn how to submit an entry; additional options for submissions by the host himself.

The most recent Teaching Carnival, at Bethany Nowviskie, is already eleven days old. The roughly semiweekly Teaching Carnival involves blogs about higher education (there are other carnivals for K–6 or K–12). I have read the Teaching Carnivals for a couple of years now, and continue to learn (and laugh) at a rate of about a ton per carnival.

2 Responses

  1. Dear Brooke,

    I saw this comment addressed to you on Doug’s blog from an unknown poster:

    “Anumma, do you have specific examples of colleagues who wrote on specific chapters and things worked out for them? Personally, I’m always looking for role models of successful writing practices.”

    Did you see this? I’d be interested in your response.


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