Academic Blogs Not in Bible

Readers may notice that I have added a second blogroll to my right sidebar. This new blogroll is for academic blogs that are not related to biblical studies (the main blogroll will stick with Bible-related blogs).

This near-double-handful are among my favorites. They stay at least as well on topic as your average biblioblog. Usual fare includes practices and experiments in teaching, as well as (for the pseudonymous blogs) some anecdotes and a bit of faculty-lounge venting. A couple of them are more political than the others; I include them because Bitch regularly writes about teaching and P.Z. frequently hammers on sloppy reasoning in an instructive (not to say caustic, expletive-bespangled) manner.

For the others: visit Michael Bérubé for issues in academic freedom, bleeding-edge literary theory, and hockey. Dean Dad has the adminstrative beat covered; think of him as your admin-friend who teaches you to deal productively with admins. Read Angry Professor for the laughs, especially her email correspondence. Flavia (Renaissance lit) and Miriam (Victorian lit) are in a quieter, more pensive mode, thoughtful and enlightening. New Kid has left teaching behind and views the classroom from the student’s side again, now in law school. Dr. Crazy digs in on some lengthy, deep-sounding* posts about teaching and professional development, with intervening short bursts of (academic) life-in-progress.

You’ll see that women’s voices dominate the selection; whether that is a reflection of academic blogs generally or my own readerly preferences I don’t know, but it does balance out the rather baritone-to-basso range of the biblioblogging voices.**

Are any of these academic blogs already part of your reading? If so, tell me about it. If not, have a read. Tell me about your first impressions, and tell me if any of them take a place among your regularly-read blogs.

* Later: on re-reading, I see this needs clarifying. I mean deep-sounding like how one sounds the depths; not like she “sounds deep, man.”

** Reminds me: I have also added Karyn Traphagen to my regular blogroll: run, don’t walk, to give her a read.

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