Discourse Approach to BH Verbs (Balshanut)

Pete Bekins (בלשנות Balshanut) has provisionally completed—in only about one month’s time—an eight-part teaching and learning series on “A Discourse Approach to the BH Verbal System.”

The series does not have its own unique tag, though a WordPress search for Pete’s tag “Semitic Verbal System” gets you the series and lots of other Balshanut posts in that larger vein. So, I link here each of the posts, for anybody who missed some or who would like to start from the beginning.

Take your time and have fun. I’ll be making sure that my intermediate Hebrew students are aware of the series.

3 Responses

  1. Thanks for indexing it for me. I wasn’t planning on doing 8 parts so I didn’t create a special tag when I started :).

  2. Brooke, thanks so much for posting this, it’s great so far. And thanks to Peter for writing it as well. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and reading (and little writing) in and around modern linguistic approaches to BH, and grounding was one of those concepts that I kept wanting to do more with but couldn’t (my work just took me in another direction).

    Since you are both clearly BH nerds and linguistics nerds here’s a couple of questions…which general linguists and which BH linguists do you find most helpful and convincing? Do you have a preferred approach linguistically (pragmatics, generative-semantics, sociolinguistics, etc)?

  3. I’ve been away a lot, so I haven’t been able to keep up with these postings. This is a helpful overview!

    Pete, I’m off for another two weeks, but when I get back you can be expecting comments from me 🙂

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