Gentle Summer Inquiry

Does one start talking yet about how close we are to fall classes?

Or shall one still maintain at this point a show of denial?

8 Responses

  1. I personally prefer denial.

  2. Right now I’m voting denial, because I’d like to think I have more time still to prep for my class I’m teaching than I really do.

  3. BTW, Brooke, in a totally unrelated note, I do see that the link you have for my blog under your blogroll is outdated. It is still the blogspot one, not my new wordpress page.

  4. Denial–it’s the best policy.

  5. Just because some trees are already starting to turn is no reason to start thinking about the end of summer! They’re not dying – they’re pining for the fjords!

  6. I deny classes, but fully embrace the fact that college football is almost here.

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