Barack Hussein Obama Anti-Christ Video Debunked. Sigh.

Debunking dishonest Bible-woo is tiresome (but not hard: this post took me less than 75 minutes from conception to Publish), but has to be done. Let’s be clear: the maker of this video starts with the conclusion he wishes to reach (that the President is the “antichrist” [whatever that is, which is a topic for another day]). He then commits whatever sleight-of-hand and misdirection is necessary to work backward from that conclusion to an impressive-sounding biblical basis. We’ll link the video, then take it step by step.

[Update, 2011/01/18: the original poster has removed the video. You can still find a version of it here, with some attempts at bolstering the video’s claims.]

“I will report the facts.” Nearly of these “facts” are false:

“Jesus spoke these words originally in Aramaic…” This is not known. It may be that Jesus preached both in Aramaic and in the Greek of the New Testament. If he did preach in Aramaic, there is no reason to be optimistic about our ability to retrovert the Greek of the gospels into that alleged Aramaic original. Imagine giving an English translation of Don Qixote to twelve English-speaking scholars who had never heard Spanish spoken by a native, and having them all retrovert the English translation to the original Spanish. Know how many completely different “originals” you’d get? That’s right: twelve.

“…which is the oldest form of Hebrew.” No, it isn’t. Aramaic doesn’t precede Hebrew. They are sibling languages, with significant differences in vocabulary, morphology, and grammar. So, speaking in Hebrew is not “much the same way” as the way Jesus would have spoken Aramaic.

“…from the heights, or from the heavens.” Nice try: the speaker has substituted “heights” (in order to get to bamah, the word he wants to use) for “heavens” (shamayim, a word he wants to get away from because shamayim sounds nothing like “Barack Obama”). The argument from this point is not based on Jesus’ words (in any language), but on a paraphrase that the speaker finds convenient.

(We could stop here: Now that we see that the groundwork comprises crippling falsehoods, it is clear that anything built on it is pointless. We’ll continue anyway, just for the exercise.)

“…from Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary.” As Bryan mentioned on Facebook, When someone grounds their argument in the use of Strong’s concordance/dictionary, they are saying, “I do not know any Hebrew. Do not trust anything I say on the topic.” Strong’s is a tool designed for people who do not know Hebrew.

Baraq is the Hebrew word for lightning: this is a fact. It has nothing to do with the name of our President, but baraq does mean “lightning.” Barack, our President’s name, is Swahili, and related to Hebrew Berekh, “to bless.” (Think of the better known form, Barukh, “blessed.”) In other words, why would a speaker of Hebrew (or Aramaic, or Greek) would use the word “lightning” to evoke the Swahili (or Arabic) name, Barak = “blessed/blessing”?

Isaiah 14: No mention of Satan here: Isaiah is plainly talking about the king of Babylon, whom he compares to the mythic “Daystar, son of Dawn.” He says so [ref. added: Isa 14:4]. But, the Jesus of the gospel Luke may be evoking Isaiah when he says that he “saw Satan falling as lightning from the heavens,” so I’ll give this a pass.

Isa 14:14: “I will ascend above the heights of the clouds.” That’s right: the word “heights” (which, you’ll recall, Jesus does not use anyway) is not associated with the falling of the Daystar, but with his (planned but not certainly achieved) ascent. Also, the “heights” are plural: the phrase is bamotê-ʿab, “the heights of the cloud.” Hear it? Not bamah, but bamotê.

“Some scholars use the O [to transliterate the conjunction waw].” No, they don’t, because it is never, never pronounced “O.” The prefixed conjunction we- or wa- becomes u- in biblical Hebrew when it precedes a bilabial consonant (b, m, p) or any consonant followed by the shewa, or half vowel (Cĕ-; think of the first vowel in a casual pronunciation of “America” or “aloof”). It is never o-. Sorry, but never.

“…or, ‘lightning from the heights.’” Okay, in the second place, the conjunction never means “from.” Hebrew (or Aramaic) has a preposition for that. The phrase baraq u-bamah (not o-bamah) will mean, “lightning and a height” (whatever the heck that is; also remember that baraq has nothing to do with “Barack”). The phrase will never, never mean “lightning from the heights.” Sorry, but never. (And in the first place, remember, Jesus never even said, “lightning from the heights.” He said, “lightning from the heavens,” which is why all this stuff about “heights” is pointless.)

Conclusion: if a Jewish rabbi today, influenced by Isaiah, were to say the words of Jesus in Luke 10:18 (seriously: why would our rabbi do this?), he would not say, “Barakh Obama.” He would not even say, baraq u-bama. Or baraq u-bamoth (lightning and heights). If he means to use Jesus’ words, he would not even say, baraq min-habbamoth (lightning from the heights). I suppose he might (might) say, baraq min-hashamayim (lightning from the heavens). So now you know why our secret Muslim president’s Arabic Kenyan birth certificate remains hidden in a clandestine madrassah in the Lincoln Bedroom: because on it, you will indeed find the true name of the antichrist…

(oh, wait, neither Isaiah, Luke, or even Revelation [or Daniel, if you care] use the word “antichrist”: it is used in the letters of John as a generic term for “unbelievers”)

…Baraq MinHashamayim.

If you want to see some other debunking, go see Mark Chu-Carroll at Good Math Bad Math, Michael Heiser at PaleoBabble, Bryan at Hevel, and James McGrath at Exploring Our Matrix. Each of them adds some additional arguments that I don’t make here.

19 Responses

  1. lightning from the heavens….

    thanks for writing this debunking. it must have been painful watching the entire video, i grant you props.

  2. Thanks. It is shame that such effort is even necessary.
    And also funny that by the muddle the inverse is actually the implication.
    “Blessings from the heights” right. lol.

  3. […] to point out that Brooke gave this video 73 more minutes than it deserved in order to show how it is incorrect (and not […]

  4. If you want to see the author of the video struggle through a revision of the first video, be my guest:

    I will leave it as an exercise for the student to hit the barn doors of his revised fallacies with the thrown stone of fact and logic.

  5. The revised version is interesting, isn’t it?! As Spock would say, “Fascinating…”

  6. Do you think you could add video? – you know some thunder crashes, dramatic pauses, and maybe a haunted house soundtrack !

  7. Readers who have come this far may want to follow through with:

    Yet one more debunking, by Matt Dabbs;

    James’ proof that Obama is in fact the rightful Pope;

    And Matt’s alternative theory that the antichrist is Big Bird.

  8. one thing 2 say lets wait n see for those who think this is a joke.. lifes full of surprises those who have the doors close will b left behind n thats a fact good luck to you all and to those who are opened minded ..u dnt need to beleave in the bible i wouldnd doubt someone not beleaving in it after so many lies people have put manupilating it ..just open your eyes n ears dnt alwayz beleave wats there in your eyes sometimes the real thing is inside not on the outside physical world
    sincierly ivan de jesus g o

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  10. obama is antichrist

  11. Obama using his “Brain Washing Method”, known as ‘Intrinated’, Baraq Bamah is NO more a man sent by God …You can try all you want to debunk the truth of who Baraq Bamah really is, but the children of God the Almighty know evil when we see it…It has been prophesied that the son of Satan or even Satan himself will have millions of followers that will be lead to Hell, by the time you come to your senses…Baraq Bamah is from Hell and will take his followers to Hell with him…Satan can come in different colors, Satan chose to be a Black man, known they would be easy targets to follow him to the pits of Hell…
    Isaiah 14:12-19

  12. Sorry to burst your bubble but unfortunately if you have ever done any study of the bible you would know that the literal meaning of what is written is not the only meaning, sometimes not even the intended meaning. So if you are looking for exact spelling and exact words to tickle your fancy you are mislead and will not find what you are looking for. Its the fact that it sounds like it, obviously in that language it means something different but in english baraq and barack sound the same…which is the clue that matters…

  13. While it is true that anitichrist is anyone who denies that Jesus is the Christ, B.O. fits nearly all of the other credentials for the end time man who will embody Satan himself. ppsimmons is merely pointing out one of many evidences.

  14. *le sigh* Politics… Exhausting.

  15. *le sigh* Politics… exhausting…

  16. Hello,

    You seem to be very focused on spelling (barack, baraq, berek), which is really negligible in prophecy.
    On the other hand, the poster wants to choose the words that correspond to “bamah”.

    In the English translations of the different Bibles, many words strangely are not the same. Even the word SCORPION can be differently translated.

    Therefore, in ancient times, there is little significance in the words heights or heaven, can be easily interchangeable. In Mandarin, the character for SKY also means HEAVEN. GATE/DOOR also has the same character.

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  18. I don’t even know what to say about this mess… how many times has the bible been read and translated… I think you wasted your time debunking this… people shouldn’t believe everything they see, read, and hear on the internet… (and that goes for your debunking story as well) just goes to show how sheepish people can really be… I’m looking forward to the day that right wingers stop making themselves look so stupid(as was done in the video), and actually grasp what it takes to get their POV’s across in a way that doesn’t make them and everyone around them appear to be complete fools. [hangs his head for a moment, and sighs aloud with pity for his beloved conservative views and the uncool people that present them to the public]

  19. I find it fascinating how people will go out of their way to prove antichrist comes from the west. God calls him the “Assyrian”. All major events center around the middle east and will ultimately culminate there. I believe the US signed its own death warrant when Mount Rushmore was completed in 1941. If it were not for the grace of God, the Japanese would have continued on to the west coast of America right after Pearl Harbor and we would have been a defeated nation then.
    Remember, graven images have always been the downfall of nations biblically.

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