“Hebrew is a Hard Language” (YouTube)

Watching the whole video (it’s only 77 seconds), and reading the comments, will help to clarify what’s happening:

What makes it funny? What parts of the dialogue can you figure out?

2 Responses

  1. too hard for me 😦

    • Here’s part of a comment I made about the video on Facebook, with some additions:

      Both the man and woman are speaking badly broken Hebrew. For example, the woman says at one point, “You…not…to worry.” The woman’s last words to him are, basically, “You…Hebrew…lovely. I…well done…you! Well done you!” So she is congratulating him, in broken Hebrew, on his “excellent” Hebrew (which it is apparently her job to assess).

      Knowing this helps to clarify the situation, and the kind of exchange she has with her co-worker (you can hear how much more fluent he is) after the guy leaves. (Oh: her “ma?” means “what?”)

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