Blasphemy Day (One Day Late Edition)

I missed Blasphemy Day yesterday. Again. I’ll have to send Blasphemy one of those embarrassing “sorry I missed your special day” cards. But looking back on the day, a couple of things come to mind:

I did get to teach on polytheism and henotheism in select texts of the Hebrew Bible, so there was that. Nothing like a little biblical polytheism to wake up the back row.

I enjoyed a nice conversation with some other teachers on the peculiar pastoral aspect of theological education, whereby we seek to persuade students to find the courage to give up the God/Jesus/Moses/faith that they walk in with, in order that they can find her/him/it through our shared learning endeavors.

{fainting couch}Polytheistic Bibles! Taking God out of the schools!{/fainting couch}

So I guess it turned out to be a happy Blasphemy Day after all. Another Blasphemy Day miracle!

2 Responses

  1. You think it’s hard to give up your understanding of the Bible when you come to seminary? Try doing it as a Roman Catholic who still believes that you Protestants are going to hell (but feels really bad about that).

    Seminary widens opinions and views. I often consider how far I have come from that first evil hermeneutics class (starting with no longer being Catholic). I do my best to remember that while it seems right even when supported by others, God always has a way of enlightening us further be it by revelation, archeology or sometimes just plain common sense.

    Thanks for being the tour guide on this rather unique ride. And happy belated Blasphemy Day.

  2. Hi Brooke – I hope you don’t mind your students commenting here. Blasphemy Day was pretty awesome, as I think our class strongly needed a little dose of biblical polytheism. Thanks for being patient with us, and I’ll try to keep the fainting couch ready next time.

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