Podcast Ideas in Hebrew Bible

Not very long ago, Chris Heard canvassed his readers for suggestions about short podcasts on topics in Hebrew Bible: you can see the results for yourself. Mark Goodacre’s NT Pod continues to be well-received (and no surprise).

I have a lecture series in progress, geared toward my introductory students and designed to accompany a traditional course in Hebrew Bible. Each lecture is a podcast episode comprising a pair of 25–30-minute halves. The podcasts are slide-enhanced, and in *.m4a format, playable by iTunes, iPod, or QuickTime, and with some help from Blackboard can be viewed on a web browser as well. In their current revision, I consider them as still in “beta,” and I don’t plan to publish them to public directories until I’ve done some clean-up on them.

I would like, though, to plan a different kind of series, more after the pattern being laid down by Mark and Chris: 5–12-minute episodes, audio only, on manageable critical issues in biblical studies. I wouldn’t begin until Spring 2010, but I would like to begin thinking of ideas. Chris got good results on his query, so I am asking the same: what topics would you like to see addressed in such a format? Some ideas I already like are:

  • What are Old Testament Pseudepigrapha?
  • What is Apocalyptic?
  • Emergence of Israel in the Land, in four parts: chronology, rapid conquest model, gradual infiltration model, revolt model
  • DtrH and Redaction Criticism
  • Walls of Jericho
  • Finkelstein’s “Low Chronology”
  • “Satan” in the OT
  • YHWH, El, and Baal
  • YHWH and “his Asherah”
  • Who is Job’s “redeemer”?
  • What is the Exile?
  • ?

The audience would be about the same as that (apparently) envisioned by Mark: the intellectually curious layperson or the scholar outside of his own fields of expertise.

What would you like to see in a series of short podcasts in the academic study of the Hebrew Bible?

3 Responses

  1. Your list looks great, I would definitely listen to those. How about the canonization process (if I am using the proper term) that led to the formation of today’s Hebrew Bible?

    Signed, an intellectually curious layperson. :^)

  2. How about a podcast on whatever is the current hot topic in the media (Gospel of Judas, bone box, whatever). A brief, professional, sane explanation, sans hype or woo, so that those of us in the parish who get asked naive questions could say, “Go look at this. It’s only five minutes long and then you’ll know what’s really going on here.”

  3. If you really want to help the lay person give them some sound teaching on social hot topics. It is far less intimidating to listen to a pod cast on texts dealing with homosexuality than to ask your pastor. And unfortunately most lay people I know are not really interested in redaction criticism.

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