What Would You Be Doing…

…if it weren’t October and you weren’t snowed under by emails, grading, advising, letters of reference, and committee obligations?

(Perhaps it’s some other set of circumstances bogging you down: just fill that in here and continue.)

Indoors: I’d be learning my way into Mesopotamian and Egyptian astrological texts to find out more about Orion in the ancient night sky (self link).

Outdoors: I’d help the Boy get more practice at his pitching for fall baseball (44 feet from rubber to plate): we are getting out, but not enough.

How about you? What would you be doing, indoors or outdoors?

2 Responses

  1. Ummmm, if I had no class to teach, no dissertation to finish and defend by Spring, I’d probably be sitting at home watching all the new wrestling DVDs I got for my birthday (upwards of 30-40 discs!), and playing my new wrestling game for the Wii. Yes, I’m still young at heart.

    Oh wait, I mean . . . I’d be reading. Commentaries. Yeah.

    Ideally, I would be home in SD with family, watching my 2 yr old son and wife enjoy being home. They have given up so much for me to do what I am doing . . . it is a blessing to see them with family.

  2. Indoors:
    Cooking/Baking real, yummy, non-pre-packaged meals
    reviewing that Hebrew I keep saying I am going to revive in my brain
    finishing the baby blanket I hope to give my sister-in-law when her daughter is born in January.
    Hanging stuff on our walls so it looks like we actually live in our house.

    Taking James for walks at the nature preserve/playgrounds, etc…

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