“And What Was I Doing All Those Years?”

I see that Gary Manning at Eutychus joins me in appreciating Rowley’s quote about preaching and biblical languages.

Prowling around Gary’s site, I’m happy to find also some pointed words that Wesley had to say on the subject. Seminarians and preachers, take note! If you must preach or teach, then either learn your biblical languages or endure Wesley’s scornful wrath.

2 Responses

  1. Great to have that quote nailed down with a citation. I have always paraphrased it (and somehow swapped in Russian as the language). We talked about this very thing this past week at a conference for Bible translation (in regard to translators).

  2. I just had a conversation about this at lunch today, though I was not armed with this Wesley quote. It was interesting, but those most reluctant to take a language with their electives were the strongest proponants of being required to complete a biblical language intro course. Perhaps we all know the areas in which we need a little extra nudge.

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