It’s a Sign of the Times

So this is what it takes for me to have a moment to blog: my students taking a one-hour exam. What do I want to say in this golden moment?

This: When I think of the spring term, in which my teaching load will be greatly reduced from the lunatic schedule I’m on now, I most look forward to writing on the Bible. Right now, I’m teaching all the time, so in my brain it’s all-pedagogy-all-the-time. Great, but by now there’s an imbalance in the Force: after a summer and fall of thinking and writing about teaching, I have a yen for wide-open Bible spaces. (And maybe brush off my Egyptian. Wide open Bible and Egyptian spaces.)

Will next term be different for you in some way? And how will it?

3 Responses

  1. Though no longer in ‘formal’ education, I still think of my life in terms, Fall, Spring, Summer. It allows for at least a couple days of breathing space and re-evaluation… or maybe Bible space and Egyptian? No, for me, it’ll just have to be Bible space. I’ll leave the Egyptian to the professionals.

  2. I vote for Egyptian! By yourself Allen’s grammar and rock the Middle Egyptian!

  3. I missed the “u” in buy. Small typo at 5:30 in the morning.

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