Gel Pens and Candy and Hot Tea in Kettle

…slippers and music of all kinds but metal.*

What are a few of your own favorite things, when in a grading marathon?

* (I was a Zeppelin loyalist during the metal years.)

5 Responses

  1. Lady Gaga, Bengal Spice tea and a space heater

  2. From Professor to self:
    And if you walk you’re gonna get there though it takes a little longer,
    And when you see it in the distance you will wring your hands and moan.

    From Professor to wife:
    I’ve been working from seven, seven, seven, to eleven every night, It kinda makes my life a drag…
    Baby … I’m about to lose, I’m about lose to my worried mind.

    From Student to Student:
    Hangman, hangman, hold it a little while,
    I think I see my brother coming, riding a many mile.
    Brother, did you get me some silver?
    Did you get a little gold?
    What did you bring me, my brother, to keep me from the Gallows Pole?

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