Couple of Recent Finds

Two new sites for the blogroll and feeder page.

One is Mike Aubrey’s ΕΝ ΕΦΕΣΩ, which I stumbled into after reading a comment by Mike somewhere or other. Linguistically informed conversations about Greek syntax are a wonderful thing, especially where they resist the vein of “see how my grammar-validated theology beats up your grammar-condemned heresy.” Go and have a look.

The other is The Immanent Frame, which is:

a collective blog publishing interdisciplinary perspectives on secularism, religion, and the public sphere. The blog serves as a forum for ongoing exchanges among leading scholars across the social sciences and humanities, featuring original essays that have not previously been published in print or online.

The Immanent Frame is an academic site, and from what I see, its conversations avoid the polarized, “he said she said” sensationalism that mars most of our public discourse on religion and secularism. Their page, In the Classroom, offers suggestions and invitations to educators. Take a moment and browse around over there. My own readers might want to see their series, “Religion and the Historical Profession,” which responds to an article claiming that religion is now the “most popular theme of historical study in America.”

(Hat tip for discovering The Immanent Frame goes to my old classmate, Lance Gharavi.)

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