Little Help? Song of Songs Resources

Can any of my readers offer some favorite resources on the Song of Songs? Critical commentaries, essays in books, journal articles, entries from Bible dictionaries/encyclopedias?

Ultimately, my interest will be in the “I am black and beautiful” bit and also the eroticism of Song of Songs. But, at this stage, I’m interested in any of your favorite high-quality critical resources on the book.


[Little Help? Song of Songs Resources was written by G. Brooke Lester for and was originally posted on 2010/06/03. Except as noted, it is © 2010 G. Brooke Lester and licensed for re-use only under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0.]

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  1. Go to my wisdom lit. resource tab on my blog. I have a decent bibliography on this passage

  2. I don’t have any insights on critical commentaries, but there is a whole issue of Review and Expositor devoted to the Song. I believe one of the articles is an annotated bibliography. As for eroticism, check out Angela Yarber’s piece on the dancing body.

    Here is a link to the contents, but you will have to go to ATLA for the pdf full text:

  3. I assume you’ve seen Chip’s article in the volume for KDS – that’s great (of course – it’s Chip!)
    And I LOVE David Carr’s book, where he finds value in both the ancient (allegorical, God/Israel; Christ /Church) and historical critical interps of the Song.
    Also – have you seen the section in Dale Martin’s book on Pedagogy of the Bible on Bernard of Clairvaux’s RACY interp of SoS? it’s brief but really interesting!

  4. You might like to look at Roland Boer’s “Keeping it Literal: The Economy of the Song of Songs” (The Journal of Hebrew Scriptures 7: 1-14) and ‘The Second Coming: Repetition and Insatiable Desire in the Song of Songs’. Biblical Interpretation 8.3: 276-301. or, if it’s available in time, In press: ‘A Fleshly Reading: Masochism, Ecocriticism and the Song of Songs’. In In Search of Philip R. Davies: Whose Festschrift is it Anyway? Eds. Duncan Burns and John Rogerson. London: T&T Clark International/Continuum.

  5. Thanks, folks. These look great.

    My summer “Intro to OT” students will be writing an exegesis paper on the “black and beautiful” bit. Because they are distance students, some of them won’t be near an academic theological library. I’d like to give them a skeleton bibliography that they can access via inter-library loan, and I mean for it to include 1) four or five critical commentaries, 2) some essays from edited books and from journals, and 3) a few relevant entries from good Bible dictionaries.

    The essays were what was worrying me: I’ll work ATLAS over, especially on race and Songs 1:5, but wanted to be able to find some “sure things” as quickly as possible. Thanks!

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