SBL 2010 Program Book

Mark Goodacre alerts us that the preliminary online program book is available for the 2010 Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature. He tells us what he’s doing there (I am so totally at that second one, Mark), and invites us to do the same.

The title of my own presentation is, “To Those Far and Near”: The Case for “Community” at a Distance. I am presenting it in the session, “Academic Teaching and Biblical Studies.” The theme for this session is “A Workshop on Interactive Technologies for Teaching and Learning.”

Insert here obligatory fear-based murmblings about the current state of the project.

Who else is presenting? What other interesting things are you doing at SBL 2010?

[SBL 2010 Program Book was written by G. Brooke Lester for and was originally posted on 2010/06/08. Except as noted, it is © 2010 G. Brooke Lester and licensed for re-use only under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0.]

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  1. I’ve got two papers, but several other sessions have caught my eye so far and I hope to meet with a few different people about PhD programs. I’m really looking forward to this year (provided the bags they hand out don’t fall apart on the first day).

  2. I am presenting at the national meeting (in the Wisdom section) for the very first time (it’s probably long overdue but I’ve been a bit phobic about the whole thing). My proposed title is “Renegotiating Identity in Job 19:6-12” (though I will note that at the regional meetings, my final title has always been different from my proposed title) — here’s a quote from the proposal….”In this paper, I argue that numerous allusions to Lamentations 3 in Job 19:6-12 function to provide the Israelite community in Yehud with an alternative identity to those informed by Deuteronomistic traditions which portray Israel as a perpetually guilty people that forsakes God again and again.”
    Other interesting things I’m doing at the meeting — having dinner with Brooke Lester and friends!

  3. p.s. thanks for the heads-up on the availability of the prelim program book. I feel pretty good that I get to present early on in the meeting (Sat morning), so I won’t have to agonize and micro-edit the entire time.

  4. Cmon, Brooke. I totally alerted everyone to the program’s availability before Goodacre! (wink, jk).

    I am posting two papers, once in the Pentateuch section and one in the Theology of the Hebrew Scriptures section. One paper is written, the other is not. I have listed the sessions on my blog.

  5. Why did I say posting? I am PRESENTING two papers (which, although it makes Chris Heard and Mark Goodacre cringe, means ‘reading’ papers).

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