You Know What’s Hard?

Re-entering the social web after four wonderful days hiking the Superior Hiking Trail. Not that I’m not excited to be back in the conversations. It’s just that there’s also the pack to unpack, the laundry to do, the family to love up, and suchlike mundania. Oh, yes, and my work.

Social web-wise, I have found time to:

  • Begin catching up on all of your own posts from this last week. Some of y’all Bible bloggers have been even more productive than usual, but I am getting there.
  • Discover how to add a tab to my Facebook profile featuring the “Social RSS” application. Now, on that tab I have posted feeds to this blog’s entries and comments, and also to my Tweets.
  • Begin to learn something about Yahoo Pipes, which is going to help me to get my students blogging and aggregate their course-related posts (and only those posts) to a shared NetVibes feed. More on this when I get it going.

Good to see you, and glad to be back.