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My face, 3/4 front, looking into camera at slight angle, outdoors.My name is G. Brooke Lester. If you would like to reach me, please see the “Contact Me” tab, above.

I am Assistant Professor in Hebrew Bible, and Director of Emerging Pedagogies, at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary (Evanston IL). I received my degree in Old Testament at Princeton Theological Seminary.

At Garrett, I support other faculty and Ph.D. candidates in adapting best pedagogical practices to online teaching and to emerging learning technologies. I teach Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) and biblical languages. I have also taught at Loyola University’s Institute of Pastoral Studies and at Seabury-Western Theological Seminary (Episcopal).

On Twitter, you can follow me @AnummaBrooke. I am also on Facebook.

Anumma is an academic blog on studies in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, on teaching and academia, and on learning and learning technologies in higher education. This blog does not seek to privilege the theological perspectives of any particular faith or denomination. Occasionally I also provide resources here for my students.

Welcome! Comment freely and come back often.

Why “Anumma”? This Akkadian word is often found in Old Babylonian letters. Coming after the salutation and the circumstances of the letter, anumma introduces the main point: a request, a report, an instruction. Anumma is often translated, “And now…” (Compare it, for example, to biblical Hebrew ועתה). The word appeals to me as a blog title because of its sense of immediacy and relevance.

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